We can Supply Silos from 3 tonne to 2500 tonne to suit your needs

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On-Farm Feedmill

Skiold Disc Mill, Hammer Mills, Skiold Uni Mix, Grain Silos, Meal Mixers, Bulk Dump Hopper, Molasses Systems  

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Dairy Feed Systems

  • Herringbone feed systems
  • CSS Meal Dispenser
  • Feed Pans
  • Meal Silos
  • Feed Control

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Herringbone Feed System

  • Galvanised heavy drop tubes are used to stop broken drop tubes and prevent damage to Dispensers.
  • Heavy moulded one piece body Meal Dispensers are used for increased durability and life span.
  • Stainless Steel continuous feed pans..
  • 80 mm feed augers are used  to suit all meal products i.e. PKE

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images (4)CENTRAL SILO SYSTEMS specialize in the design, supply and installation of quality grain silos and grain handling equipment. Based in the Manawatu the location is ideal for prompt service and parts supply to the Manawatu Wairarapa, Hawkes Bay, Wanganui, Horowhenua and Taranaki areas.CENTRAL SILO SYSTEMS stock parts for meal feeding equipment and particularly SKIOLDhammer mills and SKIOLD disc mills.

CENTRAL SILO SYSTEMS build quality robust in-shed feeding systems for the dairy industry and specialize in ON FARM FEED MILLS allowing farmers to purchase and process whole grains with considerable cost savings. A meal mixer is the heart of any feed system enabling accurate automated blending of any meal combination of wheat, maize, barley, PKE, minerals, salts and other supplements as required seasonally. Meal is augured directly from the mixer ensuring accurate mineral supply to every cow and eliminating the common problems found with using in line mineral hoppers.


Central Silo Systems has recently been appointed importers and stockists of the SKIOLD equipment having installed in excess of 50 SKIOLD hammer mills and disc mills over the past few years. SKIOLD is one of the leading manufacturers of feed milling, feeding and ventilation equipment in Europe. Bernie Curry has been involved with the installation of SKIOLD equipment since 1978

The Central Silo/Skiold compact mix and mill system offers a quiet dust free operation. The newly developed disc mill allows accurate and consistent meal particle size at the touch of a handle. Upgrading from a worn out grain crusher/roller mill to a disc mill is usually an easy on site job.


Central Silo Systems direct import high quality Valco Meal Silos from America and Westeel Hopper Bottom and Flat Bottom Grain Silos from Canada, for on Farm and Commercial use.

Central Silo Systems takes ownership of the complete job with installation completed by our own staff. A family owned and operated business means you deal with one team from start to finish. If we sell a system, we do the installation and provide back-up service with full-time trained after-sales service people.

  • Rotary Meal Feeding Systems
  • Herringbone Meal Feeding Systems
  • Bulk Dump Hoppers to Suit PKE etc.
  • Molasses Feed Systems
  • Bulk Storage Silos
  • Grain Storage Silos
  • Meal Storage Silos
  • Hopper Bottom Silos
  • Commercial Silos
  • Drying Silos
  • Grain Drying and Aeration Systems
  • Drying Fans
  • Portable Grain Augers
  • Grain Handling Equipment
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Meal Feed Mixers
  • Mixing Silos
  • Grain Crushers
  • Meal Crushers
  • Hammer Mills
  • Roller Mills
  • Disc Mills
  • Augers