CENTRAL SILO SYSTEMS are importers and stockists of SKIOLD Feed Milling equipment.

SKIOLD is a Danish company who are world leading manufacturers of feed milling, feeding and ventilation equipment. We can supply Disc Mills, Hammer Mills and roller mills for grinding cereals for feed and Meal Mixers and mineral additive hoppers.

The compact CENTRAL SILO SYSTEMS/ SKIOLD mix and mill system enable improved productivity, reduced labour, and gives greater control on finished meal quality, costs and a desired mix to suit the nutritional requirements when needed. . The highly developed disc mill allows accurate and consistent meal particle size at the touch of a handle or can be automatically adjusted through the controller.

Upgrading from a worn out grain crusher/roller mill to a disc mill is usually an easy on site job.


On-farm Feed mills ensure BETER PRODUCTION ECONOMY with the best fresh feed quality and nutritional value for your animals.

Advantages of owning your own feed processing system:

  • Use your own grain or individually selected raw materials assuring yourself of the finest quality of ingredients in the basic feed production.
  • Purchase Raw cereals direct from harvest at a reduced cost or grow your own.
  • Purchase of additives in bulk to save money.
  • Gives you the ability of producing your own special composition or premix and feed mixtures.
  • Reduces labour ¬†through automation and feed production.
  • Convenience of having complete control of your own programme, including feed formula, freshness of feed, and the ability to prepare your own feed when you want it.
  • Lower-cost feed bill, compared to buying commercial feed.
  • Cash a profit by selling feed to other local farmers.
  • Always fresh feed – most rations loose quality and feed value if not used within 3-4 days after mixing. The animals perform better and need less feed because the ration is fresh every day.

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