Poultry Flooring & Support Frames

Plastic Slats:

  • Our new wear resistant, rugged, polypropylene poultry slat is now available with either the galvanized metal frame, the fiberglass rail support system, or can be used on a wood frame without doubling the joists.
  • The slip resistant surface with 1” x 1 5/8” openings cuts cleaning time and will improve your bio-security since it will not harbor bacteria.
  • Our unique design works for mounting on rails or nailing to the floor.
  • Notice the built in perch rails for bird comfort.
  • Unlike wire mesh or wood, there is no need to worry about rot or water absorption.
  • VAL-CO slats reduce breast blisters from splinters and leg or foot pad problems.
  • White, black or gray colors are available.
  • Openings are over 50% of the slat area ensuring feces passing through.

Floor Grid

Our galvanized steel support grid sections are available in 6 feet wide sections that are 12 or 14 feet in length. Wall and curb mount brackets are available.

Floor Rails

We offer either winchable or non-winchable galvanized steel rails for use with our Community Nests in lengths of 3, 6, 9, and 12 feet.

Fiberglass Beams and Beam Support Pads

Heavy Duty fiberglass supports with excellent strength and corrosion resistance are available in various lengths. They are easy to clean and help maintain a bio-secure environment

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