Mineral Supplement Dispensers

Different seasons bring different demands on animals and it is important to maximise production and health. With a Mineral Additive System, you have the option of adjusting what minerals are used, how much and when you need them.

In-Line Mineral Dispenser

For Herringbone & Rotary sheds.
Add in minerals to improve reproductive performance and animal health to maximise farm profitability and reduce veterinary costs.  Mineral Systems are a simple add-on to existing feed systems as well. The in line mineral dispenser allows you to feed as little as 25 grams of mineral per 500g of feed. Our system comes complete with its own controller which allows you to make a simple adjustment via a dial for increasing or decreasing the amount of minerals being added to the feedline for Herringbone and Rotary in shed feed systems.

Bulk Mineral Dispensing system

If you are using a Herd Management system in a rotary dairy shed we can supply a small mineral silo and install a separate feed line to deliver minerals to the platform. This system can work with your cow id system to allow target feeding for individual cows this system means every cow will get the required dose!

The system consists of either a hopper or small silo to hold minerals, an auger line from the silo or hopper into the shed, and a platform dispenser that has the ability to dispense minerals down to as low as 50 grams. Central Silo Systems mineral dispensing systems are simple add-on to existing feed systems. This also allows you to purchase minerals in either 25kg bags or 1 tonne bulk bags or larger quantities at a reduced price saving you money and increasing profitability.

We can also supply:

  • Complete feed mills to allow Milling of whole grains addition of required minerals, proteins, oils and mixing system
  • Bulk Mineral Hoppers
  • Suspension frames for 1 tonne bags to hang above  mineral hoppers.
  • Agitators to allow flow of difficult products i.e. powders etc.

Dear Valued Customers & Suppliers

From 25/03/2020 we will open our business daily to essential services.

Monday to Friday only for essential services, parts, consumables & breakdowns.

We will have staff on call during normal business hours for parts, freight, breakdown calls etc. As part of ensuring we meet social distancing requirements we will operate a little different than normal. Our doors will be locked so you will need to call the office number and talk to us via the phone. Goods will be left outside the door for collection or sent out via courier.

We are unsure how frequently couriers will collect so expect only overnight delivery.

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We will only have limited service Technicians available, expect a delay in completing work as we are already quite busy.

We will endeavour to keep stock levels up & keep our services as close to normal as possible as lockdown protocols allow.

If you wish to discuss future requirements for in shed feed systems, feed mills Silos, handling or conditioning equipment, we only happy to help.

I wish everyone the very best through this difficult & extraordinary time for us all, keep smiling, all the very best to you & your families.

Bernie & Sean Curry Managing Directors