Central Silo Systems can design, supply and install a system to suit client individual needs weather it is a Rapid exit milking parlour, internal or external rotary platform Goat milking or sheep we can do it all.

Just like our Dairy feed systems our goat and sheep systems have been developed for reliability and accuracy.

Advantages of in-shed feeding systems:

  • Increases production
  • One of the cheapest ways to boost production
  • Sheep and goats benefit from supplementary feed matching their dietary and health requirements as well as seasonal weather conditions.
  • More accurate feed budgeting and allocation of supplementary feed.
  • Sheep and goats cycle better resulting in fewer issues with conception.
  • Minimal feed losses
  • Every animal has the opportunity to eat an equal amount of feed
  • Repairs & Maintenance costs are typically very low
External Milking Parlour
Internal Milking Parlour
Rapid Exit Feed System
Sheep Feed System

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