Meal Feed Bins (Silos) Options of 16 tonne, 30 tonne & 60 tonne. We also offer other options.

CENTRAL SILO SYSTEMS use North America manufactured VAL-CO Silos. They are the highest quality meal silo available in New Zealand. The Silo can be filled with product either by an Auger truck or by a blower truck with the addition of a pneumatic filling kit. With increasing concerns with safety regarding ladders on Silos we recommend the addition of a safety cage and supply these as standard to new Silos and we also offer a retro fitting service of new ladders, safety cages, pneumatic filling kits and remote opening  roof lids to all existing Silos including different makes and models.

VAL-CO® Bulk Storage Bins are the ideal structure to protect feed from weather. The weather tight die formed roof has reinforcing ribs at the seams for added strength and ease of assembly. The 22 inch diameter, warp resistant top lid closes tight to keep out moisture. Bin bolts have a built-in weather seal and a drip edge keeps water away from the taper hopper and unloading boot.


  • Fall arrest Systems.
  • Silo level indicators.
  • Pneumatic fill tubes to allow filling via a blow truck.
  • Safety cages.
  • Remote open roof lids from the ground


BinTrac® Inventory Monitoring

BinTrac® – The Cost Effective Bin Inventory Monitoring Solution. No need to climb bins anymore. VAL-CO® now offers BinTrac, an accurate and reliable bin weighing system, taking the guess work out of your operation. BinTrac features real-time inventory by weight of the bin. The bin side display shows current weights of individual bins in up to a 4-bin cluster.

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