CENTRAL SILO SYSTEMS CENTRAL SILO SYSTEMS in shed Feed Systems offer a robust design to provide hassle free in shed feeding, increased service life and longevity of all components. We have developed our systems over 20+ years to stand up to the harsh working environment and NZ conditions.  We put an emphasis on reliability!

Automated Feed Systems help save on labour, reduces costs, increases productivity and improves animal health. Protect your herds from harsh seasonal changes by taking control of your feed supply and reducing feed waste by installing an in shed Feed System. Healthy stock means low veterinary costs and higher milk yields.

The result: Healthy cows providing healthy farm profits.

Advantages of in-shed feeding systems:

  • Fills a feed deficit during lactation.
  • Increases production without increasing cow numbers
  • One of the cheapest ways to boost production
  • Cows benefit from supplementary feed matching their dietary and health requirements as well as seasonal weather conditions.
  • More accurate feed budgeting and allocation of supplementary feed.
  • Cows cycle better resulting in fewer issues with conception.
  • Minimal feed losses
  • Every cow has the opportunity to eat an equal amount of feed
  • Repairs & Maintenance costs are typically very low

Central Silo Systems in-shed Feed Systems main advantage is our robust design to provide hassle free in shed feeding, increased service life and longevity of all components. We have developed our systems over 20+ years to stand up to the harsh working environment and NZ conditions.  We put an emphasis on reliability!

  • Central Silo Systems Ltd use a larger Model 450 (115mm) Series PVC Pipe and Flexible Auger for delivering meal to the Platform. The PVC pipe is thicker than other sizes available for increased service life and longevity
  • Because of its higher meal delivery capacity and lower working rate compared to smaller PVC pipes and augers our systems can withstand the demand of the continuous start stop in a rotary system for extended life expectancy and reliability. We only install locally supplied European quality Electric motors and Gearboxes with heavier shaft sizes to ensure reliability and dependability.
  • We can supply and install multiple Drive Head Dispensers for additional Feed lines to deliver different products of meal or minerals to the Platform.
  • We have designed a high back stainless steel feed pan profile to reduce spillage. Our Stainless Steel Feed pans are Laser cut from 1.5mm and folded to suit individual sheds this also helps to reduce waste reducing cost and also improves functionality. Options of a removable gate pan for pit access and as a standard feature we install 2 x drain plugs to allow easy washing out of the feed pan periodically.
  • Our Bail head dividers are optional to stop cows robbing meal from one another. They are welded or bolted to the bails depending on the platform design and are made from hot dip galvanized 16mm solid round for durability and strength.
  • Molasses injection is optional and can be retro fitted.
  • Mineral injection hoppers are optional and can be retro fitted allowing addition of nutrients and minerals when required.
  • PKE Vibrators and controllers are optional to assist difficult flowing products from the Silos.

Quality Meal Silos

We use North America manufactured Val-co Silos. They are the highest quality meal silo available in New Zealand. The Silo can be filled with product either by an Auger truck or by a blower truck with the addition of a pneumatic filling kit. With increasing concerns with safety regarding ladders on Silos we recommend the addition of a safety cage and supply these as standard to new Silos and we also offer a retro fitting service of new ladders, safety cages, pneumatic filling kits and remote opening roof lids to all existing Silos including different makes and models.

VAL-CO® Bulk Storage Bins are the ideal structure to protect feed from weather. The weather tight die formed roof has reinforcing ribs at the seams for added strength and ease of assembly. The 560mm diameter, warp resistant top lid closes tight to keep out moisture. Bin bolts have a built-in weather seal and a drip edge keeps water away from the taper hopper and unloading boot.

VAL-CO bins really perform with a 60 degree taper hopper on the 1.8m, 2.75m, 3.6m diameter bins and 67 degree on the 2.10m diameter bin. The tapers are offset to allow smooth feed flow and the top lid operates smoothly with either the steel cable or the pinch-lock opener.

VAL-CO bins are tough! Bin sheets are made of heavy gauge G-90 galvanized steel with 76.5mm wide by 12.5mm deep corrugation. Legs are die formed with a sturdy bracing system for structural support. High strength bolts are used throughout VAL-CO bins.

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