Portable Augers

Central Silo Systems offer the New Zealand grain industry a wide range of products from world leading grain handling equipment manufacturer AGI-Hutchinson

Over the years AGI-Hutchinson has grown through innovation and become recognized as leading suppliers to the world of grain and material handling equipment.

AGI Hutchinson uses a specialized corrosion-resistant galvanization on the tube housings, for lasting protection and clean finish. All other parts have a premium powder coat paint for long-lasting protection.

AGI Hutchinson is an agricultural industry leader specialised in engineering and manufacturing portable and stationary grain handling equipment including augers, chain and paddle conveyors, belt conveyors, loop systems, bin unloads, and custom augers.

We can offer:

  • 8″ 10″ & 13” Diameter  Swing-Away Augers
  • 6″, 8″ 10″& 13″ Diameter  Top Drive Augers
  • In-Line Augers
  • Roll-Away Hopper & Bucket Elevator Hoppers
  • Portable Grain Pumps
  • Portable Mass-Ter Mover
  • Trac Mass-Ter
  • Drive-Over Chain Conveyor
  • Commercial Drive-Over Chain Conveyor
  • Portable Single Belt Conveyor
  • Portable 36′ & 50′ Low Profile Commodity Conveyor
  • Transfer Belt Hopper Drive-Over Belt Conveyor

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