Portable Augers

Central Silo Systems offer the New Zealand grain industry a wide range of products from world leading grain handling equipment manufacturer Hutchinson-Mayrath

Over the years Hutchinson-Mayrath has grown through innovation and become recognized as leading suppliers to the world of grain and material handling equipment.

 All Auger tubes are coated in New ZAM® coating a registered trademark and produced in the U.S. by Wheeling-Nisshin, is a highly corrosion-resistant hot-dipped coated steel sheet that has a layer of zinc, aluminum, and magnesium. Excellent in severe environments — especially in coastal and agricultural

We can offer:

  • 8″ 10″ & 13” Diameter  Swing-Away Augers
  • 6″, 8″ 10″& 13″ Diameter  Top Drive Augers
  • In-Line Augers
  • Roll-Away Hopper & Bucket Elevator Hoppers
  • Portable Grain Pumps
  • Portable Mass-Ter Mover
  • Trac Mass-Ter
  • Drive-Over Chain Conveyor
  • Commercial Drive-Over Chain Conveyor
  • Portable Single Belt Conveyor
  • Portable 36′ & 50′ Low Profile Commodity Conveyor
  • Transfer Belt Hopper Drive-Over Belt Conveyor

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