Central Silo Systems can design, supply, install and service a system or components to suit client individual needs.

“We can supply poultry feeding systems and poultry equipment and feed mills for all stages of development, ensuring long-term performance you can count on. Reliability is essential and at the same time, it is a demand from the operators that the systems are easy and convenient to use. Weather it is new requirement or upgrades. Together with our global partners who have extensive product range, high quality of products and a proven reputation and knowledge, we can help.

We offer a complete range of feed milling and mixing equipment which allows accurate and reliable milling of raw cereals, accurate mineral addition for mixing to suit the small scale poultry farmer to large scale poultry farmer.”


VAL-CO™ ensures performance you can count on.

VAL-CO is a global manufacturer of high-quality systems and components for commercial poultry production, pig production and egg production. To guarantee performance you can count on, all VAL-CO products are expertly designed and manufactured with the end-user in mind.

They engineer components to work together as complete production solutions for the following industry needs:

  • Poultry and pig feeding
  • Poultry and pig watering
  • Poultry and pig heating and cooling
  • Nesting and containment
  • Poultry and pig flooring
  • Animal and feed scales
  • Farm biosecurity

Innovation you can count on

The entities that compose the agriculture division of Valco Companies, Inc. carry a collective manufacturing expertise of more than 170 years. They harness this bank of knowledge to develop intuitive, efficient products that cater to the specific requirements of each market application. Proactively engaging those in the field, VAL-CO is able to continually introduce cutting-edge solutions for customers.

Service you can count on

VAL-CO is committed to top-notch customer service.

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