Molasses and Liquid Injection Systems

Healthy cows, that’s what every livestock farmer wants. After all, healthy cows contribute to a financially healthy business. Adding liquid feed concentrate and additives to the cows’ rations helps prevent a negative energy balance in your cows. Molasses is the most common liquid used in NZ dairy sheds it contains significant quantities of trace minerals such as copper, zinc, iron and manganese and is an excellent source of energy, promoting animal health.

Molasses is quite a versatile component of dairy rations. While many people view it only as a source of sugar, uses for molasses extend from its value as a carrier for micro-ingredients to its potential to bind the total mixed ration (TMR) and reduce sorting. Historically, molasses has been used to provide sugar to the cow and, subsequently, to improve the palatability of the ration making it a great addition to a new or existing Feed System.

The result: healthy cows providing healthy farm profits. Healthy cows, a healthy business.

Herringbone Molasses Systems

Central Silo Systems use high quality products and supply and install a robust, reliable and accurate molasses dispensing system in the Herringbone shed. The system is controlled via an electrical timer to ensure accuracy of the dispensed amount. Each bale has an outlet off the main molasses line allowing a supply of molasses on demand when required.

Rotary Molasses systems

Central Silo Systems use high quality products and supply and install complete Rotary molasses systems. The Molasses is dispensed by an air operated actuator valve that is controlled either via a Central Silo Systems PLC controller of a Herd Management System to accurately measure the dosage rate.

Robotic Milking Molasses Systems

Central Silo Systems have developed and provide a complete Molasses dispensing system that works specifically with Robotic milkers and individual feed stations in cow barns.

Liquid Dispensing

If you require formulated low dose amounts of minerals or animal health products fed to lactating cows then Central Silo Systems can offer you the MultiDos system developed for the European Market. Each cow has its own specific nutritional requirement. A cow produces best if it is fed just the right amount of feedstuffs. Sometimes a cow needs something extra in addition to the basic ration. Healthy stock means low veterinary costs and higher milk yields. The result: Healthy cows providing healthy farm profits.

Central Silo Systems can supply and install MultiDos dispensers specifically for all those cattle farmers who want to provide liquid feed concentrate and additives in addition to solid concentrates. MultiDos is a simple way of adding extra energy, minerals and vitamins to the rations.

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