VAL-CO® Complete Systems Save Time, Labour, Feed – And Provide Years of Trouble-Free Operation!

Just check all the benefits you get with this typical installation:

  • VAL-CO automated nest — a real time and labour saver when it comes to gathering eggs.
  • Egg collection table conveniently located away from the nesting area in a clean environment
  • Efficient VAL-CO PXR rooster pan feeding system uses ATB flexible auger from bulk feed bin to scale to each feed pan on the line — fully automated to deliver the preset ration you select to keep roosters healthy
  • VAL-CO flat chain hen feeding system distributes feed quickly and uniformly throughout the circuit — delivers the preset ration you select to keep hens productive
  • Hen feed supply bin and weigh bin located outside the house — allows you to suspend all flat chain components inside the house
  • Fully suspended system. Flat chain system as well as PXR rooster and nest systems can be winched for easy cleanout without obstructions
  • Low operation and maintenance costs

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