Ventra Controllers

The Ventra™ Plus by VAL-CO™ is a multi-zone whole house control featuring 12 output channels expandable to 92 channels, including variable speed channels. Using VAL-CO’s patented innovative control logic, the Ventra Plus tracks wind chill, humidity and static pressure, combining the data to yield effective temperature. Effective temperature measures what the temperature feels like to the animals, allowing a greater degree of control over the barn environment, and therefore greater production

Ventral PRO Controller

The new Ventra™ Pro controller incorporates a hardware redesign for better field serviceability by including plug-in relays, wire rerouting for reduced electrical interference and allowing easier wiring via plug-in terminals. A software redesign offers expanded capability for tracking propane usage and providing the ability to store multiple programs on a removable SD card. The Ventra Pro controller provides one-touch access to pertinent information such as daily high/low temperatures, water usage, feeder run times, etc., all in one simple menu or at the touch of a button. Available in 16, 24 or 32 output channel varieties with options for two or four variable speed channels, depending on the model.

Horizon Controller

VAL-CO® is proud to introduce the Horizon® Whole House Controller which can help to save you time and money. The Horizon® is easy to use with a large, rugged touch screen display that shows all your important information, keeping you informed of the conditions in your barn. Simple, intuitive software guides you through setup and initial programming. From there, whole house control is literally at your fingertips.


The PolAIR™ 400HC by VAL-CO™ is designed to control and regulate the PolAIR high pressure fog system by temperature and humidity. The 400HC can be configured for single- or two-stage operation. The 400HC also includes the motor starter, motor thermal overloads, inputs for two temperature and two humidity sensors, single- or two-stage cooling and humidification capabilities.

Light Traps

The new Val -Co® Light Trap offers high light reduction, low air flow resistance, streamlined profiles, high corrosion resistance and a low cost installation. Units are available in multiple sizes and configurations to fit your needs.

Val-Co Light Traps can easily be used in retrofit or new installations. Val-Co’s representatives can size a system for you that will optimize price with performance.

Cooling Systems

Hemisphere® Mixing Fan (48″, 72″)

VAL-CO® is proud to introduce the latest in minimum ventilation technology – the Hemisphere® Mixing Fan. The innovative design of the Hemisphere reduces temperature variations dramatically… increasing profits dramatically. Users are seeing 2° or less in temperature variations throughout pullet and layer houses. This fan is ideal for all types of layer and poultry housing, as it moves high volumes of air with no draft on the birds. The Hemisphere also distributes heat evenly to help reduce fuel bills. The Hemisphere Mixing Fan is available in 48″ and 72″ models.

HyperMAX™ Galvanized Fans (36″, 48″, 54″)

The HyperMAX galvanized fan line delivers high performance and maximum value.  Using new technology in computer aided design, the orifice, blade, cone and motor combinations optimize the use of the motor’s power curve. With higher CFM and CFM per Watt per fan, producers need fewer fans per house to achieve the desired air moving capacity. The use of high quality galvanized steel provides superior durability and long life. The motor mount and drive assembly utilize a rugged box frame design that increases motor life while providing quieter operation. The HyperMAX galvanized fans offer a broad array of options including different drives, aluminum or PVC shutter and single- or three-phase motor with various operating voltages, depending on the model selected.

PolAIR EZ-Cool

VAL-CO® is proud to introduce the PolAIR EZCool water return trough and evaporative pad support system which has the latest in evaporative pad cooling technology. This proprietary system is manufactured by VAL-CO and uses a unique, raised ribbed pad tray, molded directly into the trough which keeps the pad elevated above the drain holes allowing for 100% drainage with no spill-over from the tray. The design of PolAIR EZ-Cool trough greatly reduces installation and maintenance time with its unique quick-connect coupler and full 8” cleanout at the end of the trough.

PolAIR High Pressure Fog Cooling

Engineered and custom designed using proprietary, Psychrometric Software, the PolAIR High Pressure Fog Cooling System generates sub-micron drops which flash evaporation upon contact with the air, lowering the temperature of the house. The PolAIR High Pressure Fog System is configured to your house with little or no structural modifications.


12” to 24” Direct Drive Fans

Direct Drive Fans for Performance Second to None. Built for Life. Built to Last. Engineered for a unique combination of aerodynamic detailing with high efficiency, long-life and worry-free performance.

Hemisphere™ Mixing Fan

Control the Wind™ with the VAL-CO® Hemisphere™ Mixing Fan.

HyperMAX™ Galvanized Damper Fans

The new line of premium fans and fan accessories from VAL-CO® include state-of-the-art features designed for maximum efficiency and long-lasting performance.

HyperMAX™ Fiberglass Fans

HyperMAX™ Fiberglass Belt Drive Fans 36”, 48” or 50”. High Performance – Maximum Value. The tested and proven designs of VAL-CO® deliver superior performance and value.

HyperMAX™ Galvanized Fans

36”- 48”- 54” Fans Deliver High Performance. High Performance – Maximum Value. Break-through engineering by VAL-CO® provides fans with a superior combination of CFM performance and CFM per watt.

Ceiling Inlets

Maintenance Free Fresh Air Ventilation. The Fresh Air Ceiling Inlet System from VAL-CO® is the heart of a total ventilation system. Our superior design is cost effective, durable and easy to install and clean.

SafeTRAC Curtain/Inlet Operators

The Curtain and Inlet Operators from VAL-CO® are made for the long haul because they are specifically engineered for optimum performance in the harshest conditions. SafeTRAC Operators are the most durable performers in the business and they will provide you with a smooth and quiet operation for many years.

Inlet Doors

VAL-CO Air Inlet Doors are designed and engineered to provide an economical
means of air distribution in a mechanically ventilated barn.


Because your future depends on the health of your livestock, the quality of their environment can’t be compromised – especially where ventilation and air quality are concerned. Even your equipment and buildings benefit from a ventilation system you can depend on. That’s why behind the healthiest herds, flocks and profitable operations, you’ll find superior ventilation products manufactured by VAL-CO®, the agribusiness ventilation system pioneer.

Heating Systems

Heat-Rite™ Brooders

The Glow Radiant Brooder from VAL-CO® uses infrared heating technology to quickly and efficiently warm the floor and chicks rather than wasting heat on the air that rises above the brooding area.

Modulating Tube Heaters

Heat-Rite™ VM Brooders. The Radiant Tube Heater For Brooders That Maximizes Fuel Savings.

Heat-Rite™ U-Tube

Heat-Rite U-Tube Low Intensity Infrared Heater. Effective and Field-Proven Infrared Brooder Heaters.

Heat-Rite™ VST Tube Heater

Radiant Tube Heating Offers A Convenient And Effective Alternative To Standard Brooders.

HI/LOW Gas Panel

This panel ensures the most economical and efficient use of gas and allows flexibility in controlling the desired animal comfort zone. In the case of power failure, rest easy knowing you have the ability to manually control temperature until power is restored.

M3 & M2 Infrared Heaters

Infrared heating from VAL-CO® has its advantages. Unlike other forms of heating that use significant amounts of energy to heat an entire building, infrared heat allows you to concentrate the heat directly to the animals and the floor. This will provide you with lower fuel costs and provide your animals with their own comfort zone created by the patterns of heat projected from the infrared heater.

The M3 & M2 are constructed of stainless steel and can withstand high pressure washouts and reasonable abuse. With no moving parts, the simple, straight-forward design of Gasolec’s M3 & M2 Infrared Heaters lead to low maintenance and easy service. Likewise, both of these heaters are available in propane and natural gas versions. The advantages of the M3 & M2 clearly make it a preferred choice in the animal confinement industry.

M8 & M5 Infrared Heaters

The M8 & M5 are constructed of stainless steel and can withstand high pressure washouts and reasonable abuse. With no moving parts, the simple, straight-forward design of Gasolec’s M8 & M5 Infrared Heaters lead to low maintenance and easy service. Likewise, both of these heaters are available in propane and natural gas versions. The advantages of the M8 & M5 clearly make it a preferred choice in the animal confinement industry.

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