Best Start™ II Chick Feeder

This chick brooding starter feeder is comprised of the basic feeder, an optional extension sleeve or an optional crown sleeve. The feeder, extension sleeve and crown sleeve feature rugged, non-corrosive polymer construction. The fold away shut off design minimizes the chance of breakage by catch crews and winching systems. The feeder comes preassembled for installer convenience and fits virtually any style of feeder tube.

CleanStart™ Chick Feeder

Recommended for use from day 1 to 12, the CleanStart Chick Feeder from VAL-CO provides easy access to the feed with a 360° feed distribution. Designed for minimal feed waste, you can manually or automatically fill the feeder. The CleanStart Chick Feeder supplies your broilers with uncontaminated feed and allows them to grow faster, in a cleaner environment. When you’re ready to remove the CleanStart, these feeders are simple to clean and can be neatly stacked for storage until your next flock comes in. It doesn’t get any easier… or cleaner!

FUZE® ProLine Feeders

The FUZE® ProLine Feeding System from VAL-CO® offers you the ability to do something you’ve never been able to do before… build your own feeding system.

Chain Disk Feed System

Automated Feed Delivery System. Meet the needs of today’s complex multi-ration feeding programs with the highly adaptable Automated Feed Delivery System from VAL-CO®. Decrease feed particle separation and damage to expensive pelleted feed with a chain and disk feed transporting system.

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