Mathews Company are grain dryer specialists and have been around for over 65 years.

Next Generation Legacy Series

Built to Expand

The Next Generation Legacy dryers are built for expansion and can dry various types of grain.

Expandable for the Future

If you expect to grow, this dryer provides you the ability to add more modules and increase capacity without replacing your dryer.

Versatile Drying

This dryer allows for various grains to be dried such as corn, canola, wheat, soy, sunflower, and wheat.

Multi-Zone Temp. Control

The highest temperatures are applied to the wettest grain as it enters the grain columns. A gradual reduction in temperatures completes the drying process, improves grain quality and saves energy.

High Efficiency Burners

Just like the tower dryer, our stainless steel construction with a cast aluminum manifold produces high efficiency and low emission operation.

Quiet Drying

Commercial-grade inline centrifugal blower reduces noise, while increasing efficiency.

ECO Series

A Perfect Fit

The ECO Series is a perfect fit if you’re just starting to dry, working on a tight budget or have limited space.

Low-Profile Design

With it’s 15′-3″ overall height, the ECO series fits easily into those installations with height restrictions.

Independent Temp. Control

Heat and Cool models have two burners that can be controlled independently.

Quiet Drying

A single, centrifugal belt-driven fan reduces noise, while producing maximum airflow.

Versatile Drying

This dryer allows for various grains to be dried such as corn, canola, wheat, soy, sunflower, and wheat.

M-C Trax Remote Control

Not home, Not a Problem.

M-C Trax is an application that allows you to be in control of your dryer from anywhere in the world!


Remotely shutdown or cooldown the dryer, change the discharge mode of operation, and change key set points such as: discharge speed, discharge moisture, mid-grain temperature, and plenum temperature(s) at any time during operation.


Every remote change requires entry of a 4-digit PIN to ensure safe operation.


Dryer settings can be changed instantly regardless of the end-user’s physical location.


The user can remotely shutdown or cooldown the dryer and change the discharge mode of operation.

Pinnacle 20|20

So Familiar. So Simple.

Pinnacle 20|20 provides dual 10″ HD touchscreens to make control easy and intuitive.

Two Touches Away

Simple navigation allows all content to be within 2 touches away by utilising a Home screen that is accessible on all pages.

Service Minded

The user will now have the ability to load system-specific information on components to better assist with troubleshooting.


When problems do occur with the grain dryer’s operation, alarms are clearly announced and important technical assistance on the faulted component is only a touch away.

PLC Driven

Instead of relying on proprietary computer boards, Pinnacle 20|20 is completely operated by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).


Pinnacle 20|20 gives the user the ability to customize the interface to what best suits their needs.

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